At the end of the Edo,Era Saga Nishiki was created by Kashima Nabeshima family,the lord of Saga Prefecture.The tradition says that Princess Kashioka created the idea when she was ill.She was deeply impressed with the beautiful pattern of the ceiling which is called the Ajiro pattern from where she lay.She ordered her attendant to create some other practical application.In the biginning weaving of this fabric was restricted only to the nobel ladies in the castle.Later,SagaNishiki was interrupted once.At the beginning of Meiji Era,Shigenobu Okuma,a famous politician in Saga,regreted the loss of this precious art.He reintroduced and revived the art among the nobel people.Initially,"Saga Nishiki" was called "Kashima Nishiki".It was renamed "Saga Nishiki" when they exhibited it at the Japan-England Exposition in London in 1910.It was admired as an exceptional Japanese handcraft.Now,"Saga Nishiki" is used as a generic term.

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